Recent Highlights:

IPFA 2021 Best FA Paper Award! Low-Voltage EBIC Investigations of Fails

nanoprobing @80V

NanoProbing on 7 nm Technology at an Acceleration Voltage of only 80 V!
Experimental setup consisting of an MM3A-EM micromanipulator equipped with a tool and the sample mounted to a SpringTable
Experimental result: Cutting metal while monitoring the shear force

in situ sample heating and cooling

FIB milling a box into a GaAs substrate. Left, at 30°C, "bleeding" is observed. Right, at -60°C, the effect is gone

Electron Beam Induced Voltage - 50-100 nV resolution!

EBIV data superimposed on the corresponding SE image

Electron Beam Absorbed Current - fA noise level, pA resolution!

EBAC data superimposed on the corresponding SE image

Waterless sample heating and cooling - down to -60°C!

MHCS stage