EBIC amplifier


EBIC Characterization System for EBAC, RCI, EBIV, EBIRCH and EBIC measurements:

We have designed an easy-to-use EBIC and RCI nanoprobing analysis tool which is compatible with most commercially available SEM's and FIB's. Our system consists of two MM3A-EM micromanipulators, at least one of which is equipped with a low-current measurement kit (LCMK-EM) and a signal amplifier. The amplifier is connected to the video input of the microscope. The recorded signals are amplified and fed back to the microscope thus generating a greyscale map of current in the scanned area. This eliminates the need for additional scan generators and greatly enhances the system's ease-of-use. The acquired data can be overlayed with the imagery generated by the SEM's detectors.

Primary applications are open detection in integrated circuits, visualization of p-n junctions and localization of resistivity changes in via chains.

Though mainly used for semiconductor failure analysis, this tool can be used for any application that requires accurate measurement of low currents. It can be quickly and easily added to your existing MM3A-EM micromanipulator system.