Heating Illumination Probing Workstation


The HIP WorkStation is an extended version of the MM3A-EM Probe Station with added heating and illumination capabilities. Just like the MM3A-EM Probe Station, it also comprises up to eight MM3A-EM micromanipulators combined with a long range substage with 30 mm travel in X and Y. The substage can optionally be equipped with positional encoders yielding 50 nm repeatability. Another option is to add a Z axis with a range of 3 mm. The Z-axis can be exchanged for a heating stage capable of reaching temperatures of up to 450°C.

In addition, one of the mounted MM3A-EM micromanipulator can be equipped with a customized holder for LEDs in order to illuminate the sample from the top. A second, exchangeable LED is mounted beneath the substage for illumination from below.

The entire platform can be mounted on the SEM's stage in a few short minutes and just as easily be removed in order to return the microscope to its previous state.

The MM3A-EM micromanipulators are equipped with low-current, low-capacity measurement capability and are fully compatible to the Advanced Probing Tools hardware and software suite including the Live Contact Tester and Electron Beam Induced Current Imaging modules, among others.