The ProbeWorkstation is a powerful, dedicated nanoprobing system for electrical characterization of semiconductor devices and advanced materials in SEM and FIB.

The optimal combination of our market-leading nanomanipulation and probing products provide you with a versatile, integrated solution for failure analysis and R&D applications requiring stable, low-current measurements.

The nanoprober is optimized for electrical measurements on semiconductor technologies down to 22 nm. It offers unsurpassed stability, extreme precision and the flexibility to allow you to configure your setup to meet your specific needs.

Next generation technology has allowed us to dramatically reduce the size of our micromanipulators. This innovation, coupled with our new Shuttle concept, has enabled the creation of the world's smallest load-lock compatible probing system.

A load-lockable system offers the advantages of higher throughput, fast probe tip exchange, reduced sample contamination and unrestricted access to the microscope when the probe system is not required.